Car Insurance Plan in California

This Article is about comparing classic car insurance costs and coverageversus a regular auto insurance policy most of you will have two options as faras getting insurance on your classic or antique car number one you can simplyinsure it on your regular auto insurance policy just like you do your everydayuse vehicles or you can go with option number


is a lot better they know you’re going to be drivingthese vehicles less often and less use equals less risk equals less premiumso it kind of offsets the increase of having the better and higher levels ofcoverage I hope you’ve learned something fromwatching this video as far as classic car insurance if you would like somemore information I’ve posted a link to my classic car insurance web page andalso for those of you who live in Ohio Indiana Michigan Pennsylvania Virginiaor West Virginia if you would like me to run you a classic car insurance quoteI’ve also provided a link to a quote page fill that out I’ll find you thelowest rate I can for a good classic car insurance policy and get back with youwith prices or if you have any questions I’ve also posted my phone number give mea call I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have thanks and have agreat day