India is The Home To Asia’s Cleanest Village – Mawlynnong

India is The Home To Asia’s Cleanest Village – Mawlynnong
Wow! What a location!
Well after all its Home To Asia’s Cleanest Village but You might be wondering how it could be in India? Yes, it is in India. Amazing isn’t it? Anyways, This place is very beautiful right?

About Mawlynnong :

Can you see the cleanliness of this village? Mawlynnong is situated in North Eastern states called Meghalaya! Meghalaya is also known for “The abode of clouds“. What a great combination.

The village head of this Heavenly Place, Mr. Thomlin says that the villagers are very conscious about cleanliness. Their ancestors have only taught them to keep their village clean and thus they do so since many generations.Their ancestors also taught that the advantages and importance of keeping the  environment clean and concluded that “One who maintains cleanliness keeps away diseases”

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In the year 2013, This villages is awarded as the Asia’s Cleanest Village by Discover
India Magazine. They use unique handmade bamboo dustbin which is found in every corner
of the Village. From child to adult, Everybody loves cleanliness in this village.

Do you know? Mawlynnong has 100 percent literacy rate and thus most of the local people speak English. The village has some tea stall from where you can sip a cup of warm tea.

Tourist :

As this village is awarded as The Most Cleanest Village Of Asia, Then it bound to get tourist visits, and let me tell you that the tourist who makes the village kind of dirty they are asked to give little amount of donation for its cleanliness. This is quite obvious that if you’re enjoying the cleanliness of this village than you also have some responsibility to keep the village even more cleaner. The in-charge of the cleanliness take care of this stuff with his teammates.

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How they keep their village clean? :

Every morning they come out of their home to clean their surroundings. Because it’s their
habit to make the village beautiful and dirt free. The foreign traveler, says that this village is much more cleaner then other foreign

Well let me tell you that it’s not so hard. The villagers collect dried stuff like leaves, flowers, fruits etc are collected in a pit and turned into manure in about two-three years.  Left over foods like rice and vegetable is fed to the pigs outside the village. The only village in India, where each and every house has a toilet. It’t mandatory to have a toilet here, Thus whenever a new house is being built, Before they construct a new house they are advised to build a toilet first. from last couple of the years, the villagers are following this custom. This village also use some Eco friendly techniques, See this solar panel, Yes the villagers use this solar panels as their source of light.

How To Reach Mawlynnong :

Now you might be wondering how to reach Mawlynnong ?
Mawlynnong is closly 95 km away from Meghalaya’s state capital shillong and around 90 km away from Cherrapunjee. One can reach Mawlynnong by roads. If you’re coming from another part of India than is Shillong Airport (SHL) and nearest railway station is Guwahati. From Guwahati one can rent any cab and explore Mawlynnong. Same in terms of Air Passenger you can easily get cab outside the airport.

In our nation, It’s very important to spread and make the people of our nation more conscious about
cleanliness But, Mawlynnong played an magical role to get the title as Asia’s Most Cleanest Village.

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