Kausani – The Switzerland of India

Kausani – The Switzerland of India
Kausani – The Switzerland of India is a tall mountain which is 25,664 feet tall mountain, You can experience the enchanting peaks from one spot From Mt.Api, highest peak of Nepal to Bandarpunch , mountain massif of the Garhwal Kausani gives a perfect view of around 240 km stretch of these Himalayan peaks One of the most enchanting thing about Kausani is the breathtaking panaromic view of himalayas during sunrise and sunset During rains, the thick foggy clouds make the landscape even more enticing make the landscape even more enticing make the landscape even more enticing.


In 1921, Mahatma Gandhi visited the place. He initially had planned only 2 days but decided to extend his stay for 2 weeks, He completed his book ” The Anashakti Yog” here During his extended stay, he asked people “Why do people travel to Europe and Switzerland in search of pristine natural beauty when we have Kausani” People were amazed that Father of our Nation is addressing Kausani as beautiful as Switzerland From that day, Kausani was referred to as Switzerland of India. Post-independence this post office was handed over to Gandhi nidhi who now runs Anakshakti Ashram Many tourists visit this place every year Before independence Kausani was a tea estate During British Raj, this was famous as Tea Estate Now we run a State Guest house here Here, Sarlaben, one of the disciple of Gandhiji she founded Lakshmi Ashram which is governed by Kasturba Mahila Utthan Mandal Here, excellent educational and residential facilities are provided to girls with an aim to make to uplift them and make them independent.

How Lakshmi Ashram was Founded ?

Sarlaben’s original name was Catherine Mary Heilman was a British born Gandhian. She was highly inspired by the the idealogies and philosophies of Gandhiji. She wanted to come to India and be a part of Gandhiji’s initiative and serve indian people So, in 1932, she came to India She met Bapu in 1936, at Sevagram, Maharashtra There she was struck by Malaria due to which she had to come to Uttarakhand for her treatment. She came to Almora and stayed in Gandhi ashram During her stay , she found that girls here in are not allowed study and not given opportunities to make them independent. They are just forced to work So to make them independent she was inspired to do something for them She wanted to imapart the teachings of Gandhiji here So, in 1946 she founded this Ashram which is now known as Lakshmi Ashram,Today, girls here get education, learn farming do animal husbandary participate in village cleaning movements Cutting and sewing They also take a part in various activities related to social and environmental benefits like preserving water, forest and land Also they study here from class first to class 12th and they undergo training of Gandhian philosophies for 8 months.

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For artist and enthusiast finding a solace and peaceful abodes to practice their art is getting difficult in today’s world So i thought, why not provide them this space where they can come and practice their art and also teach local kids here and share their knowledge.

Glory of  Vedas in Kausani

According to local people, Veda has the power of purifying the environment. We need a pure environment again .We need to change the world and and we cannot change the world going from one party to the other on a political level you can only change it by purifying the collective consciousness of the world So that is the basis of any education not only Vedic education. We do Vedic education because it needs good vedic pandits and good teachers of meditation. we will bring out to this world and we will re-enliven all the vedic values but getting the people back on track, “back on track” means, in tune with natural law. Everybody was only to be happy that’s the goal of life/ The goal of life is the expansion of happiness, nothing else We are most happy, when everything goes smooth when we are successful and that we are, we are in tune with natural law.
Now we are in 2019, the experiences of people have changed completely different experiences the world consciousness has changed. So that has also brought back to India it’s values. It has brought back that, people take interests again in Yoga, in Ayurveda in Natural Living and come back to it’s original tradition and it will be more and more and for that we prepare the students because there will be huge demand. There is already now a big demand not only in India , but worldwide Worldwide there is a big demand on good vedic pandits who know the laws of nature and how to handle them how to enliven them. I always tell them you are becoming engineers you are Engineers of Natural Law. Once you experience that level then you know how to handle natural law


The Himalayas are an incredible treasure of the world which we have it here in Uttarakhand, India Worldwide, people consider only Nepal as the mighty Himalayas but some part of India like Kausani, Kumaon, Garhwal & Uttarakhand are also part of the mighty Himalayas and the Mystical Abode “Himalayas !”
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