Mobile and ATM Service | Mobile Network Presence in Spiti Valley

Mobile and ATM Service | Mobile Network Presence in Spiti Valley
Well Hello Readers, How are you? I hope you all are good!! so today I’m going to tell about ATM and Network Presence in Spiti Valley.

We all know, this days mobile phones and ATM cards became a part of our life. Because the necessity of these things are utterly important. Many travelers like me use maps for their trips also Youtuber and Blogger like me can’t survive without internet ! imagine there were no internet than how the traveler will find their route and how the blogger and youtuber will upload their content from the spot and If you’re coming to Spiti Valley than you will hell lot of stuff to buy and for that you’ll need cash and for cash you may need to withdraw cash from ATMs. 

So lets talk about its presence in Spiti Valley

Mobile Networks Presence in Spiti

Airtel, Vodafone and Jio mobile networks all of them worked fine till Reckong Peo thereafter none of them worked I used Jio in Reckong Peo and it was doing very good But Airtel and Vodafone disappointed me. Both of them are very old in the market in comparison to Jio. They should have got their network coverage in prominent tourist places of Spiti like Kaza & Tabo. Only BSNL has network coverage in Spiti Get MTNL or BSNL number before coming to Spiti if you want to use mobile network. Get a BSNL or MTNL Postpaid number before visiting areas like Spiti and Jammu & Kashmir.

For Detailed Presence of Mobile Network Click Here

ATM Services in Spiti

Though I didn’t use ATM because I carried enough cash with me. You can get ATMs in Reckong Peo as it the district headquarters of Kinnaur. After reaching Kaza I saw an ATM of State Bank of India near the bus stand in the main market area. The branch and ATM of SBI in Kaza near the Main Bazaar. Though the ATM was not functioning at that time. People informed that the ATM service is not very reliable in Kaza. There is another SBI ATM and Branch in Tabo near the PWD Resthouse/Tabo Monastery.

According to the locals ATM in Tabo is reliable.. Though I would recommend to carry cash while visiting Spiti. You can withdraw cash from Manali or Shimla, Rampur & Reckong Peo There are few internet cafes in Kaza but the speed is too less the telephone lines in Kaza are usually defunct. So finish your important work before visiting Spiti. Also you can check ATM presence in Spiti Valley using Google Maps.

Cashless Services in Spiti

The basic need for a cashless system is Internet. I could have used online wallets if there had been internet But there is no internet in Spiti. So its impossible to think about cashless economy in such areas, I paid 1000 Rupees in while shopping which I could have paid electronically had there been internet! Whereas small villages in developed countries are very well connected with Internet.

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Internet is a very basic necessity to bring transparency in the work culture or make an economy cashless ‘Cashless’ can only be successful when small villages gets connected with a stable and reliable high speed internet Till then tourists like me will be compelled to carry cash to visit places like Spiti But I am hopeful.

I would definitely recommend Spiti to those who love to travel differently Spiti is beautiful. Locals are very friendly.

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